Artist Statement - Lori Aguirre Snable

Chefs concentrating on their art, an evening flower market shopper or cafe reader in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, evening diners in the restaurants of Santa Fe... these are typical views of the world at night as seen by Lori Aguirre Snable. A world where strokes of pastel become bands of light, shadows, and street lamps. I am also now painting still life oils using wine as the central theme.

I have been very busy painting pet portrait commissions in oil based on photographs.  Companion animals (dogs and cats) have always been a vital part of my life and I love developing the portrait to show both the image of the pet and also the personality of the pet in the painting.  This is always an enjoyable challenge and each commission is unique.

A recipient of over 100 awards and a signature member of The Pastel Society of New Mexico, The Pastel Society of Colorado, and The Pastel Society of The West Coast, Lori Snable has exhibited both publicly and privately over the past fifteen years, and has been the featured artist in seven solo shows. A California native of hispanic ancestry and now a Santa Fe resident, she has become deeply connected with Northern New Mexico. Lori has had a lifetime involvement with the arts. Her painting career was delayed early on, with a period of her life devoted to a career in the medical sciences and later raising a family. She returned full time to painting in 1993, and for the past ten years Lori has been the driving force behind an award winning California art program that caters to both developmentally disabled and gifted children.

“My night scenes are a brief glimpse of a moment, opening the imagination of the viewer. The faces of my subjects are intentionally indistinct to allow anyone to identify with the figures. I seek to elicit an empathic reaction relating to a previous experience or feeling, thus drawing you into the painting.”

Lori and her husband live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The studio near the plaza in Santa Fe is now open to visitors. Artwork may also be viewed in the display window located at "The Inn at Loretto", Santa Fe, New Mexico.